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Research on the application of light emitting diode (LED) for road lighting

Semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly in recent years, in 2007, the major domestic and international semiconductor lighting enterprises will be high-power LED as the focus of R & D and production. With the serialization of the white light products, the diversification of the patent system and the low price and the continuous improvement of the performance, the comprehensive competitiveness of semiconductor lighting is gradually approaching the traditional lighting.

In 2007 as the starting point, the next few years than the LED application structure will be changed greatly, with high power white light LED LCD TV backlight, automobile, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting and other fields the proportion will gradually expand the industrial scale will grow rapidly. Billions of dollars in the size of the mobile phone backlight market has led to the first wave of rapid growth in the semiconductor lighting industry, but also created a pattern of semiconductor lighting industry. Promote the semiconductor lighting industry, the second wave of rapid growth of LCD backlight, automotive, lighting applications market size will reach hundreds of billions of dollars, will provide unlimited opportunities for the development of semiconductor lighting industry at home and abroad. As the second wave of growth in the beginning of the year, 2 (X) for the past 7 years has shown signs of rapid start, is expected in the next 3 to 5 years will usher in another climax of industrial development.

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