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Key technologies of reliability and energy efficiency testing technology for power supply

We often hear that the LED drive power of life itself does not become direct drag LED lighting "longevity", which greatly increases the maintenance cost / efficiency; or the driver does not lead to higher conversion efficiency than the LED lighting is not as high, or because the output current ripple is not controlled properly. The effect of light quality, the green LED lighting energy-saving advantages of greatly reduced, and even affect the market penetration.

Therefore, the improvement and maturity of the LED industry chain, power supply is also an important part of. But the status quo is the design and quality of the limitations of LED drive power is increasingly becoming the LED industry "hind", so the power module manufacturers, lighting manufacturers pay more attention to the measurement technology and advanced plan. In view of this situation, the Tektronix Inc to become an independent school, customers, in-depth understanding of the actual needs of the scene, to develop various LED application solutions for vertical combination, to help more China LED lighting manufacturers, power suppliers and related quality inspection / certification agencies to obtain test results more accurate, to ensure the quality of power supply of LED Chinese, so as to promote the healthy and prosperous development of LED lighting industry.

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