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Should you turn on the lights when watching TV or using a computer at night?

When watching TV, turn on the lights and turn off the lights will directly affect the background brightness when watching tv. If the lights are switched off, the background will be very dark, in stark contrast to the screen is small and light and background, for a long time, our eyes will feel tired, just like our long time with eyes staring at the lights, watching TV in the dark environment, but also increase the body to vitamin A consumption. If you watch TV, put the lights in the room all the lights and in bright background, the screen becomes gloomy, this will make the contrast and gray level image decreased, the image becomes pale and indistinct, greatly affect the watching effect, if the long term is not clear this picture, will also affect the our vision.

So, watch TV, turn off all of the lights is not good, all the light is not good, the best open a low power, the light is soft lights in the room, there is a shade better, to adjust the indoor brightness, make your eyes feel tired and receive good effect.

The placement of small power lamps should pay attention to two issues. The first is that the lamp does not appear in the field of view of people watching TV, so as not to distract attention, resulting in unnecessary stimulation; second is not directly to the fluorescent screen, so as not to affect the image quality. Some family background wall in front of the TV after, by manipulating both red background light, and not to see the light, it is also a good plan.

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