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Do you know the beneficial effect of far infrared ray to human body?

The infrared ray has a wide range of uses, such as communication, detection and so on, which has a strong thermal effect and is easy to be absorbed by objects, and is usually used as a heat radiation source for medical treatment. Infrared ray has a strong penetrating force on human skin and subcutaneous tissue. Infrared radiation of the human body can make the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the corresponding increase in the degree of shock, promote blood circulation and metabolism, is conducive to human health. The thermal effect, anti-inflammatory effect and regeneration effect of infrared therapy on tissue have been confirmed by clinical practice. Near infrared micro irradiation on microcirculation significant improvement effect, especially in the micro flow shape is improved significantly after irradiation capillary blood flow speed, erythrocyte aggregation phenomenon is reduced, the congestion phenomenon reduced or disappear, so as to improve the body tissue of important organs, nutrition, metabolism, repair and function has a positive effect.

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