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In the market to buy "eye protection lamp" should pay attention to what issues?

First of all, it should be noted that the so-called eye protection lamp is the market to promote reading lamp. Because of the adoption of the electronic ballast which can reduce the strobe, people can not feel the influence of the strobe of the light when the utility model is used. Secondly, the use of a good color rendering of the three primary color lamp, compared with ordinary lighting lamps, eye lamp light and soft, very close to natural light. Finally, the lamp shade is generally provided with a reflection which can enhance the light effect, and the lamp slot is deep, so that the eyes can be protected from being irradiated by the light directly, and the glare can be avoided. It is clear that in this light to read, people will feel a lot of comfortable eyes, can play a role in the protection of the eyes, so the market to promote the "eye lamp".

But on the market, eye care brand more, the quality of good and bad, the difference is also large. At present, our country does not read the table lamp eye protection lamp detection standard. Therefore, in the selection of eye protection lamp to be careful to buy, choose the lights in the field, we should look at the specifications, product introduction, product certification and quality inspection and other documents are complete. Optical properties, from the perspective of the use of the table lamp, the human eye is not directly seen to see the lamp, the light distribution is uniform. Whether the lamp is the three color tube, to observe its appearance is more precise and so on.


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