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What are the benefits of using a three - primary electronic ballast to protect the eyes?

Three color fluorescent lamp color index of more than 80, better than ordinary fluorescent lamp (ordinary fluorescent color rendering index is only 60), the use of the fluorescent lamp of the three primary colors, the light environment of the eye comfort. In addition, the general fluorescent light generated by the visual comfort is very unfavorable. The electronic ballast of the three primary color electronic ballast fluorescent lamp converts an AC power supply into a direct current, and then converts the direct current into a high frequency AC output lamp by the electronic inverter. High frequency alternating current, the current is close to continuous uninterrupted, fundamentally eliminate the "stroboscopic", the harm to the visual. This light slanted on the computer or TV screen display can be eliminated more than 90% of the strobe, can relieve visual fatigue, improve the quality of lighting.

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