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Shenzhen indoor lighting engineering (three)

The design is based on the line as the center of the painting, but not rigidly adhere to the line of simple expression. The corner of the staircase and the middle of the hall to pick up the empty area, with the point of the jump connected to form a virtual line and arc, is a line of intermittent, the actual line of clever fusion, the formation of a natural connection and echo. The atrium with the top of the line with the end of the arc will be closed, the formation of a full disk shape, the line is the rest of the symbol, which revealed the color of light, the color of the box in the space, showing a colorful emotional changes.

The entire space using different forms of arc, with lines of natural lighting function transforms, hidden in a different mood, foreign linear traces, fully embody the space full of rhythm sense of movement. The arrangement of the lamp is strict and natural, the lamp itself has become a part of the space decoration, lighting design and interior design to create a complete unity of a simple and lively atmosphere of space,

Let the customer feel free from the taste of space, and from the visual experience, the natural cause of the comfort of a good emotional reverie.

Shenzhen Xi Hui City

This is no longer just a display of goods, but also a rich spiritual experience to provide a comprehensive space;

Is the modern life rhythm;

It is the desire of the urban people to return to nature;

More, is the dream of wanton sway in the transcendent attitude of life.


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