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Interior lighting engineering of Shenzhen emporium (1)

VI city as part of commercial music Sinolink lake, occupies an area of 60 thousand m2, the 1-3 layer, as community shopping center, shopping, sightseeing, covering business, leisure and entertainment and other high-end consumer content. In the space, there are all kinds of goods and services which express the beauty of life from all over the world, and every design detail in the space embodies and expresses the aesthetic taste of the designer.

Shenzhen Xi Hui City

Clear and clear from the layout of the space, to the simple and smooth decorative lines, all reflect the vitality of modern. The lighting design with graceful brushwork linear elements, to win, to the effect of simple numbers. Not only meet the basic needs of the space environment, but also to complete the design of the emotional demands of space.

Here's less is more, not a simple minimalist, but the hustle and bustle of the city's unique taste expression.


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