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Fashion Plaza Q-square lighting design appreciation (three)

B3F is an open dining area, all in the consumer space, only a halogen lamp in this area mainly, supplemented by metal halide light source, color than the other floors warm. Heavy food area, the lights in the 2 groups as a unit of the 50W MR16 small lamp embedded in the ceiling of the location, along the arc and the location of the location of the desktop, the light focused on the dining table. Sweet area, the use of the flexibility of the light rail, the 50W MR16 light source and the complex metal 35W light source in the intermediary space staggered and converted, the feeling of light due to the different properties of space conversion.

Fashion Square Q-square

B2F light dining area, is an extension of the B3F food area. Set the light level of the lower brightness space to store under the scaffolding stall, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp and 50W MR16 hidden in the metal frame, the scaffolding smallpox and at the same time to provide surface brightness, let the store and food has become the only theme. In addition, the projection of the image of the totem projection on the ground, and the elements of the interior design of the area, the lights in the dining fun, but does not affect the overall indoor design.

In black and gold mosaics of the island area and other special seating area, due to its characteristic of material, not to the light, only in a corner 50W/SP MR16 stressed, let the arc volume is more prominent.

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