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Indoor lighting project of tea shop (two)

There are three ways to display products, each of which is slightly different to reflect the use of their products. 46 "pre packaged tea" vertical compartment lighting, completed by the LED lamp three low output, wide beam, the LED lamp is built on single spaced shelves. The smell of the tank by a short LED light from the upper shelf behind the lighting, and a uplights can attract people's eyes upward, to create a sense of vertical distance. Pre packed box stack from front lighting. Behind the front desk level bent, which contains Handmade tea box, is composed of a narrow beam of 1W LED point light source lighting alone. The horizontal arrangement of the components one by one contains a purple teapot and accessories, with a wide beam of the LED lamp strip in the front and rear gently lit. These LED lights are also built into the frame, but from two directions to shape the object. Narrow beam of AR111 lights will be gorgeous, independent of the antique prominent.

Indoor lighting project of tea shop (two)


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