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Share the lighting design case of Yongding South Square

Lighting combined with square landscape design, paving towers south exit across the ring section of the bridge floor -- a city moat watchtower structure on the original Yongding gate, the reduction of space layout of the image LED. Non standard special custom lamps designed for square, to seal the form as the idea source, meaning is the history of Beijing, the 4 light emitting surface were carved picture scenery around the southeast and northwest Yongding gate.

The 4 luminous surfaces were carved on the southeast and northwest of the Yongding gate scenery pictures

The space in the road and plant lighting, courtyard lamp does not set the high bar, to keep the space height level is simple, there are two kinds of lighting light way, a light irradiation to the roadside trees, consistent with the lighting style of the north of the square; a light is provided to the pavement, for basic lighting, create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. And, through the installation position, combined with the structure, the installation of anti glare devices and other means to achieve the purpose of anti glare. At the end of the axis of the landscape, the designer arranged the LED point of the landscape lighting as the end of the light axis.

Lighting design of Yongding South Square, not only to meet the needs of the square function and visitors viewing, but also echoes with the change of people's travel habits and time, through the overall control system, hierarchical control on different requirements in the Holiday Plaza lighting, and function, wide field effect changes rich, resulting in a better interaction with the crowd.

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