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The principle of lighting renovation of Tiananmen square, the largest city square in the world

Through more than 500 years of vicissitudes of the Tiananmen square is the largest city square in the world. It not only witnessed the Chinese people a secondary democracy, freedom of struggle against foreign aggression and reactionary rule of the struggle, but also a major celebration of the Republic, the grand assembly and the holy land of foreign affairs welcome. Tiananmen square after the founding of the people's Republic of China has experienced 3 large-scale renovation and expansion projects, making the ancient square more magnificent, and become the symbol of the Chinese nation's cohesion and the prosperity of the motherland.

Tian'anmen Square

In order to meet the 60 year national day for the Tiananmen area lighting reform has great historical and political significance, after the transformation, the world's attention to the Tiananmen square will be a new look to greet the Republic of China's birthday of 60 years.

Lighting transformation principle should maintain the Tiananmen square area overall planning and lighting brightness distribution requirements, the proportion of the overall lighting distribution in Tiananmen square area for the monument to the people's Heroes (2): Tiananmen (1): the Great Hall of the people (0.8): Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (0.6).

Tiananmen square

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