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Yongding gate tower and south axis square night lighting

The Yongding gate tower and the South Central Plaza lighting, construction of history as a design on the background of Beijing City, the landscape design for the skeleton, the removal of elements is closely related to the Yongding gate as the foundation, to respect the city building, respect attitude to restore the image of the lighting design. Lighting principle is from the form of the layout and the pattern of the Yongding door echoes from the context of heritage and history echoes from the atmosphere contrast with the overall environment of the square echoes.

Yongding gate tower and south axis square night lighting

Tower light to restore the building volume and color. South Plaza lighting continued the layout of the central axis of Beijing, the square is divided into "one axis" and four sequence space. Axis lighting is mainly represented by a point on the ground, the line combined with the LED light, the abstract Beijing axis into a visual line, starting from the Yongding gate to the south of the city.

The design of the region, mainly around the door of Yongding's history, culture, environment and other elements, through the combination of lamps and other lighting means to show the core of the Yongding gate mall scenery.

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