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Seven specifications for the design of intelligent lighting control system

At present, there is no special design specification of intelligent lighting control system in china. "Standard for lighting design of buildings" (GB 50034 - 2004) of article 7.4, the lighting control made the following provisions: (1) public buildings and industrial building corridors, staircases, halls and other public places lighting, should adopt the centralized control, and the use of natural lighting conditions and the conditions to take partition and group control according to the construction measures. (2) public places such as stadiums, theaters, waiting rooms, waiting rooms and other public places shall adopt centralized control, and take control measures to adjust light or reduce illumination as needed. (3) each room of the hotel shall be equipped with an energy saving control switch. (4) residential buildings with natural lighting staircase, corridor lighting, in addition to emergency lighting, the use of energy-saving self extinguishing switch. (5) the number of light sources for each lighting switch should not be too much. The number of switches in each room shall not be less than 2 (except for only 1 light sources). (6) a room or place is equipped with 2 or more columns of lamps, should be controlled in the following manner: packet lines and side window control of the production sites in parallel; plant or process; the computer classrooms, conference rooms, multi-function hall, hall and other places, according to the near or far from the platform group. (7) the conditional place, should adopt the following ways: 1. Good control of natural lighting places, according to the illumination intensity automatic switch or dimmer; the personal use of the office, the human body induction or static induction automatically switch lights; the hotel lobby, elevator hall and guest room floor corridor and other places. The night time reduce the automatic dimming device of illumination; the automatic control system of large and medium construction, according to the specific conditions of the centralized or distributed, multi function or the first function.

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