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Design principles of intelligent lighting control system

In the design of intelligent lighting control system, to implement the national laws and regulations and technical and economic policies, in line with the building function, is conducive to the production, work, learning, life and physical and mental health, to advanced technology, reasonable economy, safe use, convenient maintenance and management, the implementation of green lighting, energy saving and emission reduction. According to the requirements and characteristics of the project, the intelligent lighting control system is designed with multiple control strategies. Design of intelligent lighting control system excellent often use a holistic approach, which combines the controller and the control strategy of different types, make the system with the highest energy efficiency, minimize the impact of building environment. The use of green lighting design concept, follow the principle of sustainable development, through the scientific and systematic design, integration of high-tech green configuration, natural lighting, low energy source, intelligent control, fully display the harmonious unity of humanity and architecture, environment and technology.

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