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Analysis of the lighting design of Taipei China

Taipei is located in the south of the road 30m Jinshan Road Lane Lane, the building is divided into commercial buildings and residential buildings. Commercial buildings and residential buildings base area of about 650m2, the main floor of the 12 storey, plus a layer of housing 3. Architects use layers stack and vocabulary, let a layer of clouds to create floor like stack. Through the nature of the changes in the light of the moon, or vertical or oblique light into the building. In the lighting design, dwell in the permeable material light as far as possible, through the actual changes in the light, the light and leisure. At the pedestrian scale, the architect with a high 4m of the dark metal grille outline the base range, the grille and the landscape inside the shallow pool. The vertical grille at the 1.2m from the ground breaking a truncated, waterproof type T5 fluorescent lamp 2700K light can wash up slightly small pond and a faint halo in the side of the road, increase the safety in the alleys at night and atmosphere.

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