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The first concept of lighting should consider?

Adhering to the theme of the design, designers will be integrated into the lighting design of the overall architecture and landscape concept. The first consideration of the concept of lighting is to minimize visible lighting structures (such as lamp post and lawn lamp), using the reflection and emission of buildings and landscape, rather than the actual lighting equipment. The second consideration is the application of light color, the building as far as possible the use of warm white tone, and the landscape is more than the use of cold white tone, so as to achieve the harmonious unity of the building and the natural environment. Another consideration is the careful design of energy conservation, management and maintenance, which is equally important to the average person. The final result is achieved and not beyond the budget, which is not only very satisfactory to the owners, tenants and visitors also rave reviews. At present, the owners have started the development of the second phase of the project and the third phase of the project.

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