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Four system selection of intelligent lighting control system

There are many classifications of intelligent lighting control system in the actual project, the general classification from the level of lighting control system, belonging to one or more of the following: a single light source or lighting control, individual room control, the whole building control and control of buildings. 1) single light source or lamp to control the control components (sensors, controller) and the light source are combined together, can achieve the intelligent control of the lamp itself. The advantage of this control method is the need for additional design and installation work. Lamps, like ordinary lamps, can be installed in the final stages of building construction, and even can be used to transform and update the environment. For example, public corridors, toilets, villas and other lighting control. 2) control single room or area of a room or area lighting is controlled by a single system, through the sensor or from the control panel switch and signal light to achieve. For example, multi-function hall, banquet hall lighting control. 3) the arms control building lighting control system is building intelligent lighting control system is more complex, which comprises a lighting control element, sensor and manual control element widely distributed in various parts of the building and connected to the bus, the control unit can transmit information through the bus system, centralized control and zoning control. Building intelligent lighting control system can not only complete the control function, can be used to collect important data, such as the actual number of hours and lit the lamp power consumption, and can calculate the system equipment maintenance schedule. The whole system has a high demand for communication and can be integrated into the centralized management system of the whole building. 4) lighting control system buildings control buildings is based on building intelligent lighting control system on the expansion of a, its control is mainly realized through the network. Network protocol to use TCP / IP protocol, far from the ethernet. City building landscape lighting engineering, street lamp remote control management belongs to this kind of control.

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