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San Francisco night lighting of the United States, the map can not find

Another was from Shuangfeng Taiwan Liao Wang across Golden Gate Bridge Observatory is viewing the name, in the tourist guide will have a clear identity, has been the symbol of the city level.

When viewed from the point of view of the day and night, the beautiful scenery of San Francisco that you can see in front of you is not found on the map.

We can imagine, as early as in the city planning at the beginning, let the street straight into the blinking, and try to limit the height of the building, so to make the blinking at the very open view of taiwan.

In order to make the city looks more beautiful, the observatory at the distance to the city center is set in the 5 - 10 km is just perfect. The beautiful night view of San Francisco is made up of 3 kinds of light, that is, the light from the building, the street lighting and the lighting of the building. Several famous places are the Golden Gate Bridge and Harbour Bridge, the two bridges are equipped with clever lighting. In the Golden Gate Bridge, but also with a yellow glass color filter lighting fixtures, and in the main tower set up the projector, so that more prominent yellow gold.

Harbor bridge is called point light source decoration, the bridge will shine on the surface of the water. Other bright buildings include Museum of Contemporary Art in San Francisco, telecommunications towers and Pan Am Building.

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