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Necessary conditions of visual environment

1 essential

Life people are diverse, "work" and "learning", "game", "eat," rest "," holiday ", various conditions can be standardized, hereinafter referred to as" life scenes ". In any scene, there will be an object of interest, there are the purpose of the act and adapt to the environment and the tension. According to the purpose of visual environment, the necessary condition of visual object is as follows:

(1) gaze object

In order to act quickly and accurately, people need to be able to see clearly;

In order to judge whether it is accurate or comfortable to work, according to the requirements of the desire to watch.

(2) environment

The ability to move in a safe and correct direction, correctly identify or gain a sense of security. This is the lighting of the functional;

In order to carry out comfortable work, like the environment to achieve the visual comfort, or a good working atmosphere. This is the impression of lighting. See called "visibility", which belongs to the function of the visual environment of. The feeling of comfort for the vision, which is referred to here as "comfort, comfort, comfort, love, happiness. Comfort is the impression in the visual environment. If you can not see the object will not have a sense of comfort, visibility of course is a necessary condition for comfort, comfort includes visibility team.

Art is to show the functional, decorative or symbolic target (see section 1.3.1). As for lighting purposes, visibility comfort must also It goes without saying that, very seriously, the proportion of the two with space to change. Even in the same space, it is necessary to provide a different lighting environment according to their own purposes, such as the use of visual objects to watch the lighting, the use of environmentally friendly lighting.

The integration of the concept of 2 space lighting

In symbolic terms, symbolic space, in many cases, is determined by the concept of a particular purpose of the use of space. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the integration of lighting, with the concept of space. Only on the concept of space, this should be the intensive behavior in the original space after become a symbol of the performance, in which individual behavior should not become obstacles.

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