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Examples of ordinary office lighting

According to the JIS illumination standard, such as the operating room, the window is very bright (dark room) when the illuminance value than the general office lighting value to be high. When the day from the bright outdoor business into the room, in order not to make people feel very dark in the room, the ceiling is very high, the general method is used to increase the number of office lighting lamps, but the process is very difficult to guarantee satisfactory, because this uses the method of large lighting the multi lamp grille lamp, ceiling light and some other aspects of the building. Such as glare, high output light intensity at the same time, the construction method of the top box example Xu is illuminated by the.

In addition to the outdoor adjacent to the office, but also due to the reasons for the space division! Windows office. Windowless office with windows and access to outdoor light through the windows of the office to consider to improve the lighting, additional wall lighting, etc.. The work area and fixed desk can not be adjusted at the office, the design conditions cannot be used directly for lighting, general lighting as the premise, and the office has other priority conditions, because can not be designed according to the above general lighting, it is necessary to find a better way. Such as the Ministry of health "Labor Operations display health management guide" (2002 4) suggested that when the screen is not vertical, want to use indirect lighting instead of grid lighting, in this way the main office, should consider the indirect lighting environment formed by general lighting and illumination with other issues, it is necessary to discuss for a wider range of lighting design.

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