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An example of lighting design for preventing glare

If there is a display of the studio, the majority of settings to prevent reflective glare grille. In particular, the Vl, VZ type of shading strict lamps, such as the desktop is full of illumination but still feel very dark, it is necessary to add wall lighting.

Special room outside the office to screen, because the problem is not the cost of equipment and the top grid Zelda lamp, have embedded lamps to reduce glare condition in horizontal direction. Install the lamp case, due to the use of high brightness LCD display of the traditional situation in growing, in order not to lose people needed to live a sense of brightness, the classification of V3 or glare brightness limit G grille lamp more classification.

The following figure shows an example of a grille with a grille. The shape of the mouth shape is generally used for the light environment not to change with the position of the people to sit, and can not show the direction of the building lighting, etc.. In order to be able to see the lights in any direction in the room, the grille lamp. In the picture, because of the installation of the grating, the brightness is limited, in order to have a bright feeling, the surface of the lamp is installed with a curved surface light reflecting plate. In order to make the room of each corner of the illumination in the evening will not fall, in the window of the wall can also be installed on the lighting.

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