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Robot shaped view tower - Germany due to Indemann

The name of the Indemann is the design of a large robot shape is characterized by its amazing appearance, but the real surprise is expected to be staged inside. The public sees it as an integral part of the architectural experiment, a huge overhang of elements, an amazing sense of transparency, and a robotic arm that extends out of the ground 18m. In addition, the front is also equipped with 40000 LED. This is Europe's first such a huge LED curtain wall, it works like a folding screen, you can also play two images on it. This tower at night can really create a light effect. From the beginning of its completion, the building was seen as a symbol of one tower is located between Aachen and Cologne A4 along the highway, connecting the "Holland design" and "Germany efficiency". Through this design, MUA not only marked the huge existence of decades of mining engineering, also marks the new era from the industrial age to the media to the opening ceremony of the day attracted 10000 visitors. The design starts with a fairy tale depicting the region's outline, planning the lndemann project. At the end of the fairy tale, people always build a monument for the giant lndemann, they from the material to help him, but it is more important to support it from the strategy as a matter of fact, the complete completion of the observatory show that fairy tales can become a reality. Moreover, in the media rich color of the LED light, Indemann like a distant machine giant, and gradually into a promising future.

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