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A combination of art and lighting design

Maurer United is a commitment to the combination of architectural art and design firm, the two founders Mark Maurer (Marc Maurer) and Nicole Maurer (Nicole Maurer) designer and artist. 2008 - 2009, MUA completed the design of a project called "out of the ordinary, because climbing towers (Indemann Watch Tower)" Germany INDEN (Inden) is a coal mine, in order to exploit mineral resources, several villages were relocated to the city. At present, the mine covers an area of 45 million m2, mining activities created an unusual landscape. This scene will continue until at least 2030 when the excavation work is stopped, when it will be transformed into a water sports and the Der Indische is called the venue for the activities of Kangle. Because the city government wants to in this position to erect a watchtower and milepost. The MUA team decided to use a huge robot model of up to 36m to achieve the design goals of the towers and monuments.

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