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Street lighting art - Madrid, Spain public toilet

In summer, people walking in the street, talk, drink or eat snacks, do not worry about expensive bar costs, people can sit down in belongs to everyone in the public space, but some people have used it as a private purpose. See both day and night, people in the streets without urinating embarrassed show is very angry. They went to the stately turn, pull the zipper...... Even in crowded places, so that passers-by. That's why downtown Madrid looks so dirty and dirty, it's full of bad smells. Equally uncomfortable is that you have to walk carefully so as not to run into something that is bad for your shoes or clothes. The "public toilet" is trying to attract attention to the problems encountered in central streets and squares in a humorous way. The purpose is to remind people who have this habit and the relevant agencies may have a solution: if the situation is very urgent, people can use the city furniture urinate without disturbing others...... Luzinterruptus members in the early morning of July came to San Ildefonso square and its branches, the atmosphere is good when the night is quite lively. They took 80 male urinal, is in the hospital with the kind of, pour into the yellow water, of course, also put a light bulb. They decorate the "wet" objects along the scent trail to provide emergency urinals for people in need. Some of them will be used, some will be taken home...... Who knows.

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