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How to use the least lighting to create an interesting space?

Since the success of Japan's Aichi World Expo in 2006, Nagoya has attracted worldwide attention for its fresh and passionate urban style. This project is located near the Nagoya station is a landmark building in the process of urban style building. In order to create a wonderful and full of dynamic space, lighting designers free combination of the use of LED technology. The lights in the spacious atrium in the balloon with lights and the rhythm of the music on the move, the lighting design of the corridor makes people feel like being the clouds of illusion, it adds a bit of fun. The air corridor from the 44 to the 46 floor is a space of 3 storeys high. Here, visitors can view the whole city from the lookout, but also enjoy the spiral down the road. The task of lighting design is to minimize the use of lighting to minimize glare at night and create an interesting space. The light projected on the water mist, the LED light on the inner wall, and the visual effects of computer control create a sea of clouds. The LED light on the wall is mapped on the huge glass window, the superposition of light and shadow deepened the illusion.

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