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Light and shadow stack - cloud floor lighting analysis

The main entrance car lane, the vehicle bottom wall for underground entrance chisel grey stone walls, stone planted a row of bamboo, bamboo and stone in between the linear T5 waterproof fluorescent lamp up to wash light, light easily displayed stone shadow, silhouette and green bamboo, through the 2700K color conversion not only avoid, caused by glare on the garage, adds a wild nature of Central Plains in the sunset scene. The outer part of buildings in the middle by a dark stone composition was slightly light in each floor beam is provided with a high brightness LED 15W light, position in the vertical grid and the framework of the stone, hit the bright layers of the inner side of the frame structure, building body contour. Secondly, the sun visor will cast light on each floor master bedroom lock on the sun visor lamp is hidden in the hollow, vertical grille light to wash the floor through the air on a bright sun visor and the side of the post, some light will be reflected back to the floor, and through the light, light it can show the unique grille bright face and shadow surface effect, three-dimensional sense of depth and also increase the building.

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