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Lighting design analysis of Taipei residential buildings

As a whole to maintain neat balcony, only advance the fluorescent lamp slot in the grille ceiling close to the wall, hidden in the lamp, not only can not see the lamp, but the light light thrown into the balcony on the floor, let the balcony ceiling whole face clean. T5 2700K fluorescent lamp color temperature makes the space light light, diffuse light to light the whole space glass handrail, micro light, halo of light like soft moonlight. As a continuation of the day planting trough lined on both sides of the balcony, in which LED to set up around the linear light at night, the sky is dark, planting trough on the surface of the glass sheet is lit, the light is projected on to the crown through the glass to the bottom, then the light up onto the grille, dark trees create a relaxed atmosphere in the outdoor like architectural facade.

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