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Analysis of lighting facilities in Taipei, China

Roof cover is mainly to cantilever aggregate to extend the stone surface, in front of the vertical frame of the fortification of the submarine type fluorescent lamp to wash, so that the stone plate can be light from the inside out, and continue to feel the overall frame. The roof hanging garden area, to the large trees on the roof terrace of the light to create a basic lighting needs air garden, and then install the narrow angle light short column lamp in the transfer of turf and pebble area, a light beam can be increased up the trail, trail area and route guidance atmosphere. The wooden seat area under the seat board with amber etching a groove type LED lamp, light halo to the ground, can add air garden atmosphere. On average, fluorescent lamps with energy-saving LED accounted for more than 8 of all lighting equipment, other parts of the use of metal halide lamps.


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