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Revelation! 1200 w leds "slimming" tips

If you can't fly, they hide him; If your technology can't afford to support your ambitions, just calm down and study hard. LED heat dissipation market is in pack, the schools of thought contend, Wan Jinghua technology wings with what can take off in the LED industry, the market ambitions by what was released here... 
War since ancient times are many, hay, and companies can soar, more should speak on products. 
Return to products, 1200 wled lamp, maybe just think technology is good, but the 1200 w LED lamp, with less than 20 kg, I'm afraid not good so simple, more is shocked and curiosity. Shocked by how so light? Curious what ghost made so big wattage LED lights so "thin"? Wan Jinghua into shenzhen technology co., LTD., dialogue jun-yu li, general manager opened the 1200 w, less than 20 kg LED lamp enterprises. 
Technical system forming battle high-power radiator market 
In 2012, has many years of experience in communication, the development and manufacture PC radiator production Wan Jinghua, with mature heat pipe and fin type radiator technology advantage, market began to cut the LED heat dissipation. 
But the wrong time, in the midst of the LED lighting is the gap of the development of prospects uncertain, extend Wan Jinghua market share not. In 2013, LED industry ushered in the main up, a large number of enterprises have swarmed into the LED lighting market. Wan Jinghua catch this wave main liters, layout of LED market quickly, with high power field. 
Through into the outdoor lighting engineering lighting and stores high-power lamps and lanterns of the market, make the company in 2014 LED business accounted for nearly 10%, is expected to reach 30% in 2015. In the face of growing high-power lighting market, Wan Jinghua to studio project-light lamp series and the PAR56 suite layout store lighting market; And outdoor project, as the advantage of Wan Jinghua field, the company launched the S series high lamp, G series industrial and mining lamp and a series of project-light lamp kit. 
In addition to have the layout of the market, in the advancement of national public lighting LED upgrade environment, domestic LED lighting market space are presented explosive growth momentum. Wan Jinghua in the second half of this year will impact the LED street light. 
Today, with great potential for development of intelligent lighting industry is traditional lighting enterprise, a guest developers and even the "+" Internet giants are consistent, the intelligent integrated into the LED industry is inevitable. This Wan Jinghua jun-yu li, general manager said the company in the future will also be intelligent concept into the heat dissipation in the suite. 
From helpless at the time of 2012 to early 2015, outstand Wan Jinghua will PC industry mature heat pipe cooling technique is introduced into the LED heat dissipation full market, successfully overcome the outdoor environment on the impact of factors on the LED heat dissipation problem, the future will realize the competitor in the field of LED heat dissipation is not with the distance. 
For the LED heat dissipation in the future market development, jun-yu li believes that there will not be the dominance of a few, but can present common prosperity, the situation of schools of thought contend. 
Six "pulse" excalibur power to light lamps and lanterns 
For a long time, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is divided into four most of machine, electricity, light and heat. And lamps and lanterns of the change of the cooling system, no matter what, always can't get away from the conduction, convection and radiation control of three main factors. As heat enterprise, how to use these three perfect can battle LED. 
Vague rhetoric unquestioning, dry goods, see as a more than ten years in the field of heat return jun-yu li is how to realize the high power LED lamps and lanterns of light? 
Wan Jinghua 1200 w heat dissipation suite, have to say to its first big core technologies - 360 fins three-dimensional wind technology. The technology through the leaves at the bottom of the radiator inlet space, provide enough cold air inlet, let the cold air around the bottom of the radiator is smooth, to form a good circulation of natural convection. 
In addition, in order to adapt to the demand of modularity, through the technology Wan Jinghua launched from 100 w to 100 w series high power radiator S growing project-light lamp kit. 
In technology, Wan Jinghua on a par with the other five core cooling technology. With steam chamber conduction technology and long life quiet fan technology, intelligent temperature control overheating protection technology combination, the combination of power in the field of industrial and mining lamp. With continuous fins composite gear shaping technique and intelligent temperature control overheating protection technology is combined with the power in the T series cast light kit. 
Stereo cooling technology, and finally all panels jun-yu li, all panels in the communications industry development has five years, the LED is put into application, but can realize the droop of not more than 5% in the last three years. Although both temperature plate heat dissipation effect is very good, but the cost is too high, application field, production capacity is limited, not too much of a price cut space, can only be applied to the pursuit of quality of personalized products. 
Using six cooling technology, Wan Jinghua fins and heat pipe combination ways, adopt good thermal dynamic design, as well as the more optimized convection conduction modes of lamps and lanterns, do the comprehensive heat dissipation, achieve the same wattage LED products, are less than the ordinary light products on the market by 30%. 

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