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Production automation may increase the cost of the LED manufacturer

Production automation may increase the cost of five reasons: 1. The interest; 2. Replacement parts; 3. Employ skilled skilled engineers; 4. Check the monitoring machine; 5. Quality problems.
So, the factory must choose between conformity and automation equipment? Four kinds of alternative process automation is often overlooked: 1. The redesign process to improve productivity; 2. Semi-automatic production process; 3. To many varieties, small batch orders; 4. To find a factory automation, and let them to subcontract some orders
You have to study computing as a rough estimate, buying a $1 million machine, service life for 10 years. Plus depreciation and power consumption, cost will be increased by 150000 yuan a year. It is also far less than the current cost of manual production line.
Should start the automatic production? Wait a minute, you need another way!
Production automation may increase the cost of five reasons
First of all, you should consider the introduction of automation in factory cause other cost. Please continue to read, we discuss together, production automation may increase the cost of 5 reasons:
1, interest,
Most of the Chinese factory of cash flow is very low, so they need to borrow. They usually pay interest on capital spending 5-12%.
Suppose you buy machine cost 1 million yuan, annual interest of 8%. Only the first year, the interest cost is as high as 80000 yuan.
2, replacement parts,
Complex equipment need to update the parts a few years later, in order to maintain original initial condition. Around this theme, the birth of a comprehensive research field (reliability centered maintenance). The key is according to the "mean time to failure" and "mean time between failures" estimates, to predict when need to replace or inspection and maintenance parts.
Is the most basic, you need a budget set aside for this purpose. Don't torment a shabby without hard broken old machine - in the long run, it may cost more.
3, hire skilled skilled engineers
Don't need to help cut the operator operators after automatic production. However, high-tech machinery need engineer to set up and maintenance. You not only to consider their salary, also want to consider their initial training, and after leaving office, and hire hire substitute succession and training personnel costs.
4, check the monitoring machine
You might think that the machine will work on their own. Yes, usually in such cases. However, in most of China's machinery factory, you may have noticed that the operator operators and the proportion of 1:1 of the machine. This may be necessary in your factory also is imperative.
Why why operators must watch the monitor every equipment in the production of each piece? Since the cost of the machine line does not work properly is very high. Imagine assuming a machine, high quality stainless steel plate processing 200 m per hour. If the blade fracture, a day, no one noticed, may waste is 2000 meters high metal may be wasted. The cost is much higher than the hire a hire someone to check regularly, and stop the machine when there is a problem.
The concept of human-computer interaction - referred to as "jidoka" or autonomation (Toyota) Toyota is called "jidoka" or autonomation - is quite complex. Unless you machine can automatically when equipment failure, to quickly detect problems, you might otherwise you need to hire hire "exploration work controller". They can take care of with some logistical task, but the majority of most of the time will be used to observe and check.........
5, quality problems
As mentioned above, production automation can't eliminate the quality problems. It's just, only changed the nature of their emergence and speed. Some machines 100 products per minute - imagine 10 minutes to produce unqualified products, it is because employees to rest, go to the bathroom, or to hide to smoke, wrong operation for 10 minutes of discarded products.
Sadly, very sorry, sometimes I'm afraid you can't avoid a lot of quality problems.
China's factory automation four alternatives to surprise
As mentioned in the previous article, the production system automation theory of investment rate of return is usually quite high. Production of robots, however, has brought serious challenges.
In fact, a number of automation project ended in failure. CMC team to visit China factory, we often see expensive machines or idle waste, or failed to make.
So, the factory must be in conformity (the same old manual production) and choose between automation equipment? Fortunately, no need. 4 kinds of process automation that is often overlooked alternative for you to choose. Let us know one by one!
What are the alternative process automation?
1, redesign processes to improve productivity
Maybe you can redesign existing process efficiency? In some factories, don't need a lot of money, we increased yield by 30%, while reducing the 20% or more of the time!
A simple example, the production line 10, an additional operators are busy to do rework. Suppose you hired a applied industrial engineers of the following processes:
To improve production logistics, operators need not went around looking for parts;
, improve the production line layout, make each operator can easily to get the parts required for each station;
Introduction of useful tools, more quickly and to develop process mistake proofing;
Training operators and team leader, popularize the benefits of change, to get their support.
After 4 to 5 months, what are the actual redesign project change?
Production line, from 10 down to seven people
Rework, by an average of 1 to 0.3
Annual turnover reduced from 60% to 20%, operators have more enthusiasm, because they accept the training, advice.
(note that industrial engineers can improve several production lines, at the same time without 4-5 months, may be a total of 1 month).
Over time, reduce the waste more. The following is an example of efficient production line layout.
2, semi-automatic production process
In addition to the above mentioned to the design process, you can for some semi-automatic production process step by step.
Using semi-automatic or user auxiliary operating machinery and equipment, workers can work more easily and quickly than ever before. Manpower reduction, work done as usual.
This is an example of a semi-automatic step by step in order to improve productivity.
You can gradually reduce the number of operators in the process of semi-automatic.
This differ with the whole process of a typical automation project?
Investment, greatly reduced
Investment can be in stages, gradually
Factory need talent to promote the project, is usually an experienced experts and creativity tools
3, to many varieties, small batch orders
If you adopt the above Suggestions, increase production efficiency, and flexibility, the heartfelt congratulations to you.
This means that you are in good condition, can begin to do business of many varieties, small batch orders. Most of these customers order from China, because, on average, Chinese factories of manual (and more flexible) process more than the American or European factories.
Who is unable to get these orders? When the use of advanced high-tech process automation technology in the plant. Their expensive equipment impeccably in mass production, but their "economic batch" is far greater than you. Why is that? Because those products from the production to another, usually it takes a long time. They want to long-term production of similar products.
4, to find a factory automation, and let them to subcontract some orders
Do you have some low mixing, large quantities of orders? You can use the subcontract to those with expensive equipment factory. They tend to be more careful, because of the large investment order... let's hope they can help you to melancholy.
(if their equipment fault, it is very likely, your internal production capacity can reduce losses).

In general, from the beginning of the optimization process and semi-automatic is feasible, once these alternatives to achieve anticipated goal, can develop in a direction completely automatic. Benefit is that half automation make mechanic machine maintenance, so they can better safeguard the high-tech machinery.

----------Archled Technology Co.,Limited

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