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LED manufacturing equipment localization analysis

Localization problem has always been about LED manufacturing equipment industry inevitable problems, in the late 2016, a simple review of China's LED manufacturing equipment related to the new policy and development present situation, for reference only!
Policy: three preferential policies to support the semiconductor equipment development of our country
Since 2014, the state issued three policy document related to semiconductor devices. One is on the adjustment of major technical equipment import tax policy notice, to conform to the requirements as prescribed in the domestic enterprises for the production of national support for the development of major technical equipment and we really need import some key parts shall be exempted from import duties and VAT. In this regard, IC, LED, solar cells among the 16 key equipment in the production equipment is included. The policy, also in equipment industry of the semiconductor lighting industry development provides a convenient, also accelerated the process of localization of equipment!
The second is "on further encourage the development of IC industry enterprise income tax policy notice, rules for eligible IC dedicated equipment enterprise, a profit in 2017 years ago, since the profit-making year, the first and second years shall be exempted from enterprise income tax, in the third to fifth years enterprise income tax shall be levied in accordance with the statutory rate of 25% by half. From the tax policy, of course, for the integrated circuit equipment companies to give care, also to a certain extent, reduce the tax burden on enterprises, encourage enterprises to rapid development.
The third is the implementation of the first (set) notice of the pilot major technical equipment insurance mechanism, rules for manufacturing within the catalogue of the equipment, and the covering "all risks", or choose internationally accepted clauses insurance enterprise, insurance premium subsidies for the central government. Actual insurance rates at 3% rate upper limit and the actual cover 80% of the annual premium subsidies, subsidies time according to the insurance time limit according to solid business accounting, in principle, no more than 3 years. At present a total of 13 semiconductor equipment listed in the directory. The whole of also for domestic equipment in the first sets of application and popularization application greatly increase the equipment companies and business confidence.
In addition to the three support policy, countries have launched 120 billion scale integrated circuit industry investment fund, the key support wafers at the same time, in the field of design, manufacture, packaging will also support upstream production equipment. Through the national big fund support, greatly promote the localization of major equipment of semiconductor industry in China.
Status: in addition to the MOCVD equipment in the trial, the rest of the equipment basic realize large-scale application
China electronic special equipment industry association statistics show that in 2014 China's semiconductor equipment industry 35 major equipment manufacturers to complete 3.963 billion yuan of sales revenue, up 31.5% from a year earlier. Profit of 848 million yuan, grew by 13.8% year on year; In 2015 sales revenue is expected to reach 5 billion yuan, up 25% from a year earlier.
Under the impetus of the national policy, in 02 special and the national integrated circuit development fund to support, more domestic integrated circuit will enter a large production line equipment, domestic integrated circuit equipment at home and abroad market will continue to grow; Domestic LED equipment will be fully into the six LED manufacturers, production lines, to accelerate the process of LED equipment; The solar cell production equipment will continue to be a small increase.
LED equipment, from the beginning of the sapphire material, all the way to the PSS, extension, chip side, again at the end of the process such as thinning, at present, the domestic equipment has been able to replace imported equipment well.
Specific order, according to the process of zhejiang jing sheng 90 kilograms of sapphire single crystal furnace production, suzhou herriott, hunan yu jing, tangshan crystal jade, institute of China electronics technology group co., LTD. Commencing (hereinafter referred to as the "45") production of wire cutting machine, such as in sheng photoelectric, micro semiconductor in MOCVD equipment, 45 cleaning equipment, lithography, the northern microelectronics PECVD equipment, ITO thin film sputtering technique, AlN film sputtering equipment, GaN ICP etching machine, PSS ICP etching machine, electric semiconductor equipment co., LTD. Of shenzhen silicon automatic spot measurement equipment, 45, but calderon's cross laser cutting machine laser, suzhou, 45 automatic glue machine, automatic wire bonding machine and so on, various technical indicators have been close to or more than foreign mainstream models, some models has become the main force of the mainstream enterprise production line works.
"From the beginning of the dryer, annealing furnace, cleaning machine, microscope and other simple equipment to the laser cutting machine, the dry etching machine, glue uniform imaging equipment, and the recent emergence of MOCVD and other key equipment, domestic equipment is already firmly established in the domestic market." Jun sheng investment management co., LTD., investment director zhang said, "now in addition to the MOCVD equipment is still in trial, other basic scale used equipment, has been in the service of production."
Problem: the domestic semiconductor devices, the share is not high, very difficult
After more than ten years of efforts, the domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have made a breakthrough in some fields, won the high market share, but there are a lot of link market mainly occupied by a foreign enterprise.
Domestic semiconductor equipment market share is not high, in integrated circuit devices, for example, the city accounted for less than one 6. And in the LED industry, the current domestic companies have produced MOCVD equipment, and there are many epitaxy chip companies) in the trial, major equipment localization of hope star is born, is gradually form a prairie fire.
And in other equipment such as grinding machine, washing machine, dryer, evaporation, lobes, spot measurement machine, such as sorting machine, although some domestic equipment on the market, but is generally difficult to more than 30% of the share. Such as spot measurement machine sorting equipment, 45 and shenzhen silicon electric are actively promote, but the market share of the domestic equipment or not more than 10%.
Experts believe that the above equipment in addition to the research and development high cost, long development cycle, technical updates fast, marketing is also very difficult. No domestic equipment production inspection and feedback after improvement, therefore on the stability of slightly less than, also causes the chip company of domestic equipment lack of confidence. Many companies to send prototype testing more smoothly, but one to batch production is faced with many difficulties.

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