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A LED needs of SMT production line equipment?

LED strips light by the FPC board, LED lights, high quality silicone casing is made. Waterproof performance, safe and convenient to use the low voltage dc power supply, light color variety, colorful; Can outdoor use UV aging, yellowing resistance, resistance to high temperature and other advantages, the products are widely used in building clearance light, places of entertainment decorative lighting, advertisement decoration lighting lighting field. 
Currently in LED industry, generally USES the LED strips machining way to mount LED products, can well solve the patch type LED brightness, perspective, flatness, reliability, consistency, and other issues. So, are we on the LED strips processing, need what equipment? 
LED strips machining process can be simplified as: printing, SMT, welding, repair 
a solder paste printing machine 
Modern solder paste printer generally installed version, add solder paste, the pressure of printed circuit board, etc. Its working principle is: first, to the printed circuit board fixed on the printing position, and then by the solder paste printing presses around the scraper or red glue by stencil printing in the corresponding welding plate, PCB for bearing the uniform, through the transmission input to SMT machine automatic SMT. 
Automatic solder paste printer operation steps: 
1, turn on the switch, the machine to zero, the selection process. 
2, install racks: adjust the track width, move the damper cylinder, switch on transportation, to the board in the center of the track, press the button to make the board reached the designated position, push button rail clamping. 
3, adjust the position of MARK2, with corresponding computer section of the "ten" word, make sure the production data is correct, was determined. 
4, in turn, installation of steel mesh and scraper: press the production Settings, open the mediation window, point to start production. 
5, on the steel plate to add solder paste, solder paste to add quantity on the basis above scraper one-third below two-thirds scraper. 
6, visual check before printing YinShuaDian solder paste can not have a bias, tin, tin, less cutting seal, uneven thickness, etc. 
7, confirmed by quality personnel printing first, confirm OK to rear can normal operation. 
Automatic solder paste printer matters needing attention 
1, press the door is opened or failure when operating the machine is prohibited. 
2, operation of stencil can't plug hole. 
3, the principle of solder paste to keep a small amount of access times add. 
4, more than an hour not printing, please send solder paste recycling. 
5, abnormal printing in the printing please immediately inform the staff to deal with. 
2 the LED strips machine 
Broad sense LED placement machine belong to SMT (Surface Mount System surface-mount System) one of the placement machine, with the development of LED technology, traditional SMT placement machine cannot satisfy the production requirements of the LED industry, LED placement machine was born at this time. 
The LED placement machine is specially designed for LED industry custom-made SMT SMT equipment, used to implement the mass of the LED circuit board assembly. Equipment required accuracy is not high, but the demand speed. LED placement machine using guide or principle of linear motor control driver head; To equipped with professional proofing viscose suction mouth at the same time, in the SMT process, just as much as possible in order to eliminate sticky materials, swing materials such as production defects; LED placement machine tank chain requirements are more enough toughness and ductility, so as to ensure its stability and service life. 
The LED strips on board operation notice: 
1, in the LED placement machine or the machine operation process, such as accident, should be quickly press the stop button, or down the power switch, the device immediately suspend operations. 
2, replace some parts should be in under suspension state, machine should be locked with urgent stop button (to avoid others wrong operation). 
3, in normal circumstances LED placement machine protection, should be in the device to suspend the work under the state of operation, the status of special can't stop, should have more than one person in the ward. 
4, when the upper plate should be placed in orbit, parallel to the track and gently push. 
5, when the upper plate to ensure that the plate is on the track of belt. Don't put slanting, pry the orbit. Cause the card to live, so for a long time can also lead to track into a bell mouth. 
3 reflow welding machine 
Reflow soldering, in surface mount technology (SMT) refers to the solder alloy ingot form or bar, after melting and forming for remanufacturing tin powder (namely tiny solder balls) and spherical shape, and then match the organic materials become solder paste (flux); And after printing, trample feet, patch, and again returned to the process of melting and solidification become metal solder joints. Welding process is a special process, training to the operators engaged in special process, make its qualified, operation personnel in strict accordance with the homework file operations, self and mutual inspection. 
Reflow welding machine operating considerations: 
1, note don't stick your head in the operation, hand in the machine moving range 
2, in an emergency, please press the red emergency stop switch 
3, wear good high temperature resistant gloves or other 
4, turn on the machine head cool 
5, and shall not modify content is not allowed to enter the menu 
If, in the process of production found after furnace circuit board has a virtual welding, short circuit, or other problems, the operator shall promptly report to the competent. 
7, reflow welding machine run not disorderly open when the other switch on the machine 
8, failure immediately to the superior reflect, or press the emergency button 
[4] SMT equipment maintenance 
Which stands for detection can be added in each process can link, in order to achieve the goal of quality control. 

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