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Environmental tide will be manufacturing companies out of business

In 2016, China's manufacturing industry trend swells, all kinds of sudden fluctuations for a lot of businesses off guard, changes in the second half is expected to rise and fall. Since November, guangdong environmental audit storm, still have no intention of rest, in this crisis, in addition to the environmental protection enterprise, some processing sewage serious industry is a key control areas, guangdong area large production related enterprises, spread to printing and dyeing, paint, aluminum, furniture, plastics, metal products, and other manufacturing industries, some manufacturing districts a depression, small and medium-sized enterprises was again into disrepute.
"Green tide" undoubtedly brought manufacturing and a new knockout, but in contrast, the green smoke abatement doesn't seem to be too big impact for LED display manufacturing industry, but, many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in China, many do not have the ability to resist, even if there is no "green tide", slight changes in some sectors is enough to make its ashes, and more than half of the LED display industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, industry reshuffle accelerate elimination, small and medium-sized screen LED companies without innovation, also doomed doomed.
Environmental protection against real tight LED companies raw materials are in short supply
Storm swept across the whole of guangdong region at the end of 2016, environmental protection, this time, multiple enterprises was checked, many factories closed, the enterprise put the news such as annual leave in advance maxed circle of friends. According to incomplete statistics, as of December 12, guangdong has been around for 1011 companies shall be ordered to make correction, the 852 case punishment enterprises, proposed penalty of $26.491 million. However, it all comes from the government to strengthen environmental protection, environmental protection is very serious.
First of all, on the environmental policy, countries launched a series of policies in recent years, on January 1, 2015 formally implement, the environmental protection act was known as "yan" in the history of environmental protection policy, December 27 this year, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and environmental protection jointly issued by the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan, the plan again to improve the quality of energy saving and environmental protection industry's development efficiency, system to promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry policy system is formed, in addition, some provinces and cities for the region's manufacturing enterprise environmental regulation also introduced the related documents and audit strategy, "history's most severe" environmental policy up one more flight of stairs.
As policy to strengthen, in November, the central inspection group stationed in guangdong, the guangdong regional related enterprises in a harsh environmental inspection, in environmental protection enterprises and some manufacturing enterprise using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) examination, hunting environment illegal suspects, ordered to shut down the factory and other powerful review practice shock the mind of the factory owners, the environmental protection industry and has affected the manufacturing industry practitioners have squealed, closures manufacturers and merchants also more and more. The mighty "green tide" extremely important, not only the environmental protection enterprise as the upside down, and even intensified the whole of China's manufacturing industry "boom", "production boom and the shortage of" tide ". Surface is concerned, although the upheavals in the environmental protection industry will not have any LED companies, to a large number of upstream components and packaging suppliers are endanger the production of LED display industry.
As we all know, the LED display industry situation in this year's "boom" industry recovery gradually, and with the upstream and downstream enterprises, together with the price, the market also slowly to accept the phenomenon of product prices, coupled with the impact of the "green tide", by the end of the LED display industry seems more positive are turning to development stage. However, due to the "green tide" hit many materials plant and businesses shut down, after they are closed, the content of raw materials on the market plummeted in short supply, many raw material prices have rise in price, as the LED the sapphire of raw materials, aluminum plate, copper foil, gold and silver stents have been varying degrees of price increases, LED display hardware materials upstream enterprise in the environmental protection wave but also of course.
At the same time, the raw materials prices lead to LED display production costs have also risen sharply, enterprise capital expenditures have multiplied in raw materials, if the raw material price rising for a long time, also will be more and more heavy burden on enterprises, raw material prices extremely serious influence on the LED display industry.
In early 2016, the LED display industry developments smoothly, and manufacturing "capacity", "to stock" strategy, most of the LED display enterprise inventory quantity is little, in the second half of the market demand, under the condition of material shortages, LED companies increase production also of no help even fast response market. Therefore, the LED display industry into "green tide" growing "boom", "boom" and evolve for the shortage of "tide" reality. According to the analysis of various data professionals, manufacturers production out of stock or greatly increases again, after the end of the year of the environmental protection is eliminated the storm made in China.

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