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Lighting enterprise expansion is behind the "labor shortage"

The fifteenth day has passed, foshan in all walks of life also entered a stage of stable operation. On February 13, the reporter understands to visit foshan lighting industry, as most enterprise production capacity, enterprise labor demand for workers this year than last year has increased, but with fewer job seekers, businesses generally encounter "labor shortage", and even some enterprises sewing worker return rate of only thirty percent. 
Capacity has increased, sewing worker is difficult to recruit 
Since February 6, foshan lighting association secretary general zhang continuous visited more than a dozen industry enterprises, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. He found that these enterprises return rate to one, but generally run into a problem: "ordinary workers recruit enough." 
Most "foshan lighting or to assemble the main production enterprises, many enterprises, many employees go back don't come back after the New Year, there are two or three companies staff won't be back until a third." Last year, zhang said, some companies affected by the environmental protection check in advance to shut down, this year after year are beginning to catch orders, but workers and insufficient, enterprise is a headache. 
Small and medium-sized enterprise hiring difficult, leading enterprises are relatively well. The starlight electric officially starts in February 4, the rework rate at about 95%, flat compared with last year. This year, the star light electric expansion has continued, plans to hire more than 500 employees, of which 150 people as college students, the rest for front-line workers. 
"Compared to normal view, apply for personnel is less this year, but the basic can meet our requirements. According to past experience, after the fifteenth day of the first to apply for some people will be more." Related officials said. In addition to the recruitment independently, the star light electricity through cooperating with agents to help companies recruiting employees, workers continued to increase measures at the same time, to constantly meet the personnel needed for the company continues to develop power. 
Behind the shortage, or caused by a population inflows to reduce 
Why now is more and more difficult to recruit employees? Relevant head thinks, "many foreigners want to work, and not willing to further came to foshan. At the same time, young people's pursuit is not only to make money now, want to choose a relatively easy and decent work or self-employment, employment channels and means more." 
Foshan lighting in the human resources department Tan Liubao through data analysis of employee also similar conclusions. "Last year, I analyzed the company's employment situation, found that workers now is three provinces of guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, and other provinces of staff are not much." Tan Liubao said that before, technology of employees is higher, 2013 years ago, their every year for employees to purchase tickets to 2000 in hengyang, ticket number only need more than 1, 100 this year. "On the one hand, is affected by high iron open, but on the other hand, it is also because of our technology staff reduced. Hengyang, hunan province, jiangxi province, hubei xiaogan, used to be three of us labor market, reduce very obvious now." 

Why provincial workers less and less? With this doubt, Tan Liubao also ever understand to other provinces. "There are a number of companies are also hire local, their choice more." Tan Liubao said, this also is the main reason that employees return. 

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