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"Made in China 2025" to help China's manufacturing rise

From January to September this year, Chinese investors to invest in the member states of the European Union for more than 15 billion euros, until the end of the year will be close to 19 billion euros. In the first half of this year, China's investment of more than 17 billion euros.
Report warns that companies don't fall for it, the political and economic, not to be "made in China 2025" the confused by the "short business chance," but to scrutiny from the Chinese side of mergers and acquisitions. The eu should follow the United States, the foreign investment for national security review.
China's recent acquisition of German robot manufacturers library card, chip equipment maker ace is strong and lamps and lanterns lighting company osram actions lead to controversy. In Germany, said the news of this is just the beginning of China m&a for foreign companies. However, China's strategic goal is very high, all can not achieve.
Madeleine, general manager of Treasury, the federal association of mergers and acquisitions, as of now Germany has about 200 companies mergers and acquisitions by China. In the first half of this year, between Germany and China deal volume is more than ever.
Ministry of commerce of China 15, according to data from the first 11 months of 2016 China's total investment amount of $161.7 billion, up 55.3% year on year, growth is three times more than the same period last year.
In November, China's foreign direct investment during the month of $15.74 billion, surged by 76.5%; New signing contracts can be $26.95 billion, rose as high as 91%.
Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions has been involved in almost all sectors of the national economy, manufacturing industry mergers and acquisitions is close to thirty percent. According to the ministry of commerce data, November 1 - a total of 561 Chinese enterprises overseas m&a project, transaction amount is $82.4 billion (including overseas financing), with manufacturing to nearly $23 billion in mergers and acquisitions amount ranked first.
After more than 1 year stake in and after the acquisition process, midea group China early next year, after the successful bid for almost all German library card stake.
However after acquisition of offensive beautiful library card, including Germany's economy minister Sigmar Gabriel and German eu commissioners urban Oettinger (Guenther Oettinger), Brussels and Berlin officials have expressed concern, because the library card is the so-called industrial 4.0 one of the key enterprises, German politicians worry is of great significance for the future of the advanced technology was transferred to China.
Acquisition to upsurge in recent years, Chinese companies in Germany, a proud old forklift manufacturing enterprise kay (Kion), cement pump manufacturers for Portsmouth meister (Putzmeister) and special machinery manufacturers, Klaus murphy (KraussMaffei) and so on were holding company in China.
Also have been "difficulties", however, China's fujian province macro core fund when Germany top ace semiconductor companies, President barack Obama even issuing executive orders, announced acquisition of invalid on security grounds. Under pressure, and ultimately lead to buy "abortion".
"Made in China 2025" guidelines, in May 2015 by the state council issued guidelines, adhere to the "innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talented person for this" the basic policy, adhere to the "market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation" of the basic principles, through the "three steps" to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power:
The first step, by 2025 into manufacturing powerhouse ranks;
The second step, by 2035 China's manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level;

The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, I more cement manufacturing superpower status, in the lead of the world's manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength.

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