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How to "replace imports" domestic LED equipment broken?

In 2016, as a member in the real economy, LED industry is from high-speed growth stage to rational and mature. Good policy and market potential gradually release in the country at present, domestic LED encapsulation equipment fully replace imported equipment also entered a crucial year. On the one hand, the solid crystal, dispensing, spectral, braid and other equipment localization rate increased significantly; Represented by welding wire machine, on the other hand, will still be foreign advanced technology equipment giant firmly in control.
China's LED industry to implement from follow to lead across, equipment industry is the important link. There is no denying that, after more than ten years of efforts, the current domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises in some areas has made great breakthroughs, won the recognition of line packaging enterprises.
But domestic equipment to fully replace imported equipment is still a long way to go, in the era of pure price competition gone now, the domestic equipment manufacturers to "replace imports" campaign how broken? As the domestic equipment manufacturers of LED leader cui tao automation is undoubtedly the most say. Recently, the author entered the shenzhen cui tao automation equipment co., LTD., an exclusive general manager Mr Li wei-ren, reveal its 14 years of experience: equipment industry in China will rise in the round, improve technical strength is still the only way.
High-end manufacturing technical strength
As is known to all, cui tao automation is a 14 years experience in research and development of semiconductor and LED automation equipment manufacturers, mainly engaged in the two fields: the LED encapsulation and semi-conductor IC equipment research and development and production, product line covers the solid crystal, wire, such as dispensing the encapsulation process.
Since its establishment, cui tao automation has always been adhering to the "know its not to" spirit of enterprise, to revitalize national industry as own duty, insist on independent development and technology exchange introduced combining, in the field of semiconductor equipment to start his own piece of heaven and earth. As a domestic only a few can be mass production of gold wire welding machine equipment companies, li wei-ren believes that it is this "to" is known by its spirit has always inspired cui tao in technology research and development on the road to make unremitting efforts.
It is understood that the LED encapsulation equipment aspect, before and after the 2009 market pattern is the ASM, K&S, Kaijo, musashi imported equipment manufacturers such as occupy absolute market share LED encapsulation equipment industry. However, after years of development, market pattern has obvious changes, LED encapsulation equipment especially backend GuoChanLv significantly increased, while domestic enterprises rarely involved in the field of welding wire machine as represented by cui tao automation volume production of domestic enterprises and achieve the aim of the "quality".
Although the change of the market pattern is only just a few years time, but contained a large number of domestic equipment enterprise research accumulation. In li wei-ren's words: "encapsulation equipment industry depends on the development of high-tech investment." According to his introduction, in order to improve the competitiveness of with foreign first-class enterprise, cui tao long-term investing heavily into research and development, the company has a complete research and development team, the existing research and development staff of more than 80 people, high degrees accounted for more than 90%. In 2012, the company also established a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore, the introduction of a number of leading companies abroad for many years of industry elite, received a significant boost company research and development strength.
Last year's new product -- "PHOTON fu" gold wire welding wire machine is condensed the cui tao years of research and development efforts. "In the case of domestic technology co., LTD., cui tao was established from 2009 gold wire welding machine research and development projects, after years of investment and development, the cui tao produced gold wire welding machine has completely realized the independent development." PHOTON fu "after the customer more than a year of use, stable and reliable product performance, it would also be cui tao hit one of the important products in the future." According to li wei-ren.
Broken wire welding machine foreign technology monopoly
In fact, "by PHOTON fu" gold wire with the mass production of the welding wire machine not only is an important milestone in the history of the development of cui tao, is a breakthrough in domestic packaging equipment industry.
The wire welding machine as one of the core equipment of LED packaging industry, its role is largely responsible for connect the chip and the support of two electrodes, is the key link in the encapsulation of relatively. But due to its product technical difficulties, so the current domestic high-end automation welding wire machine is still represented by ASM, K&S and Kaijo monopoly by foreign wire welding machine enterprises, especially the ASM occupied most of the market. According to relevant statistics, at present the welding wire machine localization process is only about 15% of the proportion.
"Cui tao automation in recent three years of research and development focus has in terms of gold wire welding wire equipment, this is the core equipment in the packaging field." Now cui tao gold wire welding machine developed by both in terms of speed and accuracy can be comparable to foreign equipment, even in some detail aspects also can be adjusted according to the special needs of customers. ", according to li wei-ren cui tao of gold wire welding machine market since 2013, after years of constantly upgrade and improve, mature and perfect, at present has gained market and a large number of customer recognition.
"At the moment the LED on the middle and lower reaches of the packaging equipment, domestic solid crystal machine, glue machine and spectral braiding machine has achieved basically international import substitution, localization degree is quite high. Only wire welding machine field still monopoly by foreign brands, welding line equipment may be localization for the future development of the biggest opportunity." Li wei-ren told reporters that this year is expected to domestic wire welding machine market competition will be intensified, the domestic equipment enterprise inside there will be a great opportunity.
"In terms of welding line equipment, and in the field of aluminium wire machine, cui tao is the first domestic automation, can rival with foreign brands; gold thread machine areas, however, basic occupied by foreign brands until last year, this year, with the mass production of gold wire welding machine, domestic brand gradually accepted by the customer." Li wei-ren also said that this year cui tao automation in gold wire welding wire machine operations to achieve the high speed growth, sales income is higher than last year more than doubled.

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