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Residential lighting standards

1 lighting quality

Luminance ratio: the relative independent visual range is composed of three areas, the first area is the working face, the second area is around the working area, the third area is the total environment. The brightness ratio of the three areas is not appropriate, will make people upset, tired, and even watch the feeling of difficulty. The brightness ratio of learning, reading, sewing, or other requirements that must be met (especially for a longer duration) shall not exceed the limits specified in the table.

The brightness reached than required measures: one is to limit the brightness of the lamp; the two day activities, through the high brightness control window curtain; 13 is the night light colored curtains; the four is for the room and furniture surface by the reflection ratio of material and paint.

The surface reflection of the room: the room is decorated by the reflectance ratio recommended in table 5-7 in order to obtain the luminance ratio recommended in table 5-8

In some special visual work areas, to ensure that the work surface illumination, rather than environmental lighting, when the wall is the lowest reflection ratio of 4O%, the lowest ground reflectance is 25%.

2 Determination of illuminance

Residential building lighting standard values are shown in Chapter 1, for designers reference.

Attention should be paid to determine the illumination: one is according to the local conditions and power supply should be considered; the two is according to the different standard of residential choice corresponding illuminance; three is a multi-function room preferably provided with a plurality of lamps, and the use of multiple switch or dimmer for different illumination; four is not the higher the better illumination attention should be paid to such.

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