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Analysis of basic standards for residential lighting design

Residential building lighting should meet the needs of people living at different levels, different living conditions. In residential or apartment living room, usually take the top lighting, floor lamp, table lamp as a supplement. Kitchen, bathroom should try to combine cabinets, cabinets, mirror box installed local lighting. For the public part of the lighting, it is necessary to set up a self extinguishing switch. The lighting in the closet should be taken with the door closed off switch, so as not to waste electricity users forget to turn off the lights and can even cause fire. Lighting and lighting sockets in the room, should be divided into two branches.

General lighting from 30 cm, if the pipeline laying and along the floor alone compared with the shunt top lighting is required for mixed pipeline is similar, only provided with a protection device, but the use of residents has increased the reliability of power supply, is not caused by household appliances and general lighting power supply fault. When the house is equipped with lighting socket, in order to prevent children from electric shock need to use safety type, or the ordinary type of socket installation height to the ground 1.8m. Residential buildings are equipped with lighting sockets, in addition to local lighting as well as electricity to connect a variety of household appliances. In view of some household electrical appliances and useless electric protection device, switch socket need to rely on branch protection, the protection of branch switch setting value larger (6A or 10A), small household appliances when failure occurs when the protection device may not act or slow, so the lighting power home appliances should be used selection of fuse type. The fuse with the micro fuse socket, embedded in socket panel or plug. Fuse tube specifications are 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, etc..

Housing is an important living environment for people. Residential lighting is directly related to people's daily life, it is related to people's age, psychology and requirements. This section focuses on the introduction of high standard residential apartment lighting design, but also for ordinary residential lighting design reference.

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