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Lighting design of residential lighting design

1 visual activities in some places lighting, general lighting provide all the required illumination, visual activities. However, in most places a relatively high intensity and uniform illumination is generally not used. In a small room, the general lighting can be provided with a special working face lighting fixture, such as a lamp for a mirror or a desk lamp for reading.

2 easy to use in the light of the place should be used to create a pleasant atmosphere for low lighting, for conversation, watching TV or listening to music. The uniformity of illumination is not a subject, but the need for more attractive lighting formats.

3 storage and storage of indoor light source should be installed in front of the storage and storage room door L side; in the channel storage room, ceiling lamps should be placed on the center of the traffic lane, so as not to cause the shadow shelf.

4 channels and inlets

Passage: the light of the channel is installed on the tree, the lamp post and the building. Low installation lamps, usually located on both sides of the channel: the selection and arrangement of lamps do not produce glare.

The steps for the lighting fixture channel can be used for lighting, but some heavy steps are steps, Jia treads and risers lighting, by the following ways: one is to use more reflective surfaces; two is arranged in the light source or set in vertical lamps on the side wall.

Door: door lighting should meet the safety of pedestrians and easy to identify the guests.

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