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Reform office lighting (three)

For a public building belonging to the government, how to create a suitable atmosphere? Designers believe that the lighting should not be too serious and rigid, so the emphasis on continuous lighting intensive processing performance, so that the lights look more rhythm and rhythm, but also make people feel kind. The color of the light to choose a neutral to slightly warm white, also eliminates a government building unique sense of distance.

Reform office lighting (three)

The project is building the most colonnade and cornice form parts, also focus on the expression of extended meaning, lighting design will be emphasized. All of the facade of the building presents a unified integrity, the composition of the way is also very interesting, with a continuous stone, aluminum or glass blades combination. Therefore, the designer wants to use the light to show these faces in the design, will come out some sense of rhythm.

In the right place in the right way and use the appropriate lighting, to get the right results, the "right" seems to be the biggest feature of the project, including lighting control is also appropriate, clock control mode is simple and practical, the difference between dusk and night, the night of three scenes, so as to meet the building lighting operation demand.

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