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Bank building lighting projects need to pay attention to (three)

A square shaped lamp with 4 14W T5 fluorescent lamps mounted on the ceiling above the bank's working area. The work floor is divided into two major areas: the peripheral area includes a variety of special layout and around the central elevator shaft area. Since there are numerous different configurations in the peripheral area, the DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) system is installed to control the lighting in this area. Each area near the window is also installed with a 14W T5 fluorescent lamp consisting of square lamps.

Bank building lighting projects need to pay attention to (three)

The upper part of each desk has 3 50W irradiation angle of 24 degrees halogen light. For the administrative area of the overall lighting, the use of square embedded ceiling lamp with stainless steel cross baffle, and equipped with 3000K 42W compact fluorescent lamp. The walkway is illuminated by two 2m long lamps equipped with 3000K T5 fluorescent lamps and high transmittance polycarbonate matte shades. In the new headquarters of the Bank of Santander, has 4 restaurants, and each floor has a quick snack room. Lighting design for each restaurant, the face of different customer objects, are not the same, emphasizing the characteristics of each space.


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