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Clinical interior lighting design case (1)

Novamed joint clinic completed in 2010, located in the suburbs of Zagreb. Establishment of private medical centers for outpatients with different medical departments and services: internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, Radiology, pharmacy and a beauty care center.

In the clinic, it is usually a pure white wall, and perhaps a little bit of other colors, but it is also a shade of gray green. It usually makes the patient feel depressed. From Croatia lighting designer Dean Skela (Dean Skira) and Midya Lipovic (Maja Lipovcic) created a does not make patient feel depressed and have stiff sense of Novamed combined with clinic clinic. Their design is a sculptural lighting scheme, rather than the usual way to calculate the amount of luminous flux per square meter, which is inspired by the life and activities of the clinic.

Novamed combined diagnosis


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