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Clinic interior lighting design case (three)

In the entrance and reception area, an organic shaped channel meanders through the gypsum board ceiling and is injected into the semi glazed surface above the cafeteria. Linear RGB LED lighting equipment hidden in the channel, a symbol of nerve cells under the lamps are embedded into higher ceilings on. This scheme ensures no glare and comfortable visual perception. The challenge for the two lighting designers is to systematically elaborate on the idea, develop an idea, and ultimately achieve it. Nerve cells and synapses and axons (nerve impulses in the human body from long processes of neuronal cell bodies) need to be sufficient, sensitive to light, to highlight their profile and the bystanders understand the underlying symbolic meaning. In order to achieve the effect of the soft shape of the organic shape, the use of linear devices need to think deeply: "because the ceiling is full of equipment and facilities, it is necessary to find the exact location of the continuous long curve. The illuminated curve needs to show the concept of continuity and express the connection between cells, "explains Dean, Skela. In order to reduce the number of visible elements, the use of a covert solution to the light source, a variety of different light sources into a space. It is possible to install a dome with a depth of up to 350mm, thanks to the ceiling space required for heating and ventilation. The dome lamp circuit device for fluorescent lamp and RGB LED technology, and can provide light color and color temperature measurement of controllable different diffuse light and soft light. The results are amazing and charming, and ensure the people's happy mood.

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