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Reform office lighting (two)

Behind the simple architecture, the diversity of space is a great impact on people's vision. The actual building is located in the center of the public square outside, to look after the curved wall, each angle has different depth of space, as in the stage of different depth stage, constantly staged in daily life scenes.

Reform office lighting (two)

From the UK Diesel Caiting lighting design firm partner lighting designers in the design of a modern building, with a body of stone and glass structure, hope can make light building structure clear, clear levels. Create a visual impact force through the colonnade and cornice lighting, make the building more components and show an open and inclusive spirit. At the beginning of the design, the designers of the main idea of the concept of light communication, but also to understand some of the recommendations of the owners, such as: the placement of LOGO, hoping to use some of the construction site lighting performance. At the same time, the United States is responsible for the project of the architect has an accurate understanding of light, through the communication with the architect, you can accurately grasp the architectural concept, and thus put forward a reasonable solution to the light.


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