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Reconstruction of lighting project in the Grande Canale section of Beijing Hangzhou Hangzhou

Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale Hangzhou trunk section 10km, carrying a lot of content: 19 different times, volume, material and color of the bridge, building more than and 100 modern buildings, more than and 60 tributaries, trees, pavilions, terraces and open halls, and sculpture. 2007, the lighting group invited by the Hangzhou municipal government to provide the overall planning and implementation of the Hangzhou section of the canal night. The project team for a canal light outline three-dimensional Chinese landscape painting, painted a Jiangnan style "ink painting", wrote a soothing, elegant and beautiful "light music" for the performance of the Hangzhou canal, graceful and subtle City temperament and historical and cultural heritage of the canal.

The designer uses a uniform blue green light for the riverside landscape lighting, creating a beautiful mist visual effects. When night falls, the canal rises and the real natural water mist will lighting effect amplification, is out of the halo dyeing canal, misty and romantic, mysterious, a southern charm greets ink painting. Custom blue green LED (18 x 3W+ blue filter; a 18 x 3W+ green filter) and a blue green color filter 400W metal halide lamp used to create mist. The color of mist can be changed from the winter ice blue to the warm blue green in summer. Adjacent to the surface of the trees and the waterfront, with a static warm white light to light, in the background of a fresh and pleasant green and blue environment, in the water to reflect a clear, beautiful reflection.


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