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Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale Hangzhou main segment: luminous mileage meter

In order to arouse people's attention to the history and scale of the ancient canal,

Designers specially designed a luminous odometer, in the north shore of the canal every 1km to install a display of the distance from Hangzhou to Beijing,

The use of lighting to focus the attention of visitors on this canal can carry us from Hangzhou to 1 794km outside the Beijing this amazing story.

The Grande Canale, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, the main section of the night lighting project from design to completion lasted only a year. There are a total of 22, 70 thousand lighting equipment put into use, the majority of specially designed and customized lighting equipment, a total investment of 150 million yuan, the total energy consumption is 3182kW (2.6W/m2), the equivalent transformation of the former energy consumption of 60%, while the lighting range is obviously enlarged. After the transformation, the charming night on both sides of the canal attracted many people to come to play, the amount of tourists increased by 3 times before, people gathered here every night singing, dancing, playing, talking.

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