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The first class lighting design teaching base of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Students in the laboratory to adjust the light and space components to change the image and feelings of space, lighting is a means rather than purpose.

The total area of the laboratory is about 260m2, with a total investment of more than 1 million 200 thousand yuan, equipped with the world's top lamps, light sources, lighting control systems and lighting design software and computer projection facilities. The laboratory is divided into a number of space, can be simulated office, exhibition, leisure and other outdoor and indoor scenes, but also produced a variety of building materials and construction of the skin device for thematic research.

China Central Academy of Fine Arts, relying on the strong artistic atmosphere and excellent hardware facilities, lighting and space design is not only the Laboratory Laboratory of advanced technology and equipment, is the domestic first-class scientific research and teaching design of lighting and light art creation base.

The laboratory has designed and manufactured the light box device has obtained the national patent.

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