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Projection distance is far, which way should be used?

In order to avoid obstacles and hide the lamp, the designer will be considered in the light of the first three in front of the square. The volume of the Buddha is large, the projection distance is far away, it is necessary to use a very narrow beam, and require accurate light to avoid glare. Because of the copper gold Buddha III was born, the light source with excellent color rendering. Finally decide to use 24 100W Osram HALOSPOT111 100W/ 12V 8 aluminum reflector lamp cup, focus lighting Shakya Muni buddha. The utility model has the advantages of accurate light distribution of the light source, narrow beam angle, and the utility model can solve the problem that the projection distance is far and the glare problem is reduced, and the cost is reduced. The two sides of the Buddha using the same 21 lamps lighting. The main Buddha is slightly higher than the vertical illumination of the Buddha on both sides, in order to emphasize the primary and secondary relations. The Australia bunche control system, each of the 4 lamps a loop free dimming control, flexible and convenient.

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