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China Suzhou Chongyuan Temple main hall, the largest domestic

Restoration and reconstruction of the heavy Yuan Temple is located in Suzhou Industrial Park Yangcheng Lake eco-tourism resort core area. To stop the water goddess of Mercy Hospital - yuan Zen court - the core of the building for the pharmacist. Chongyuan Temple main hall building height of 36m2, construction area of 2100m2, is by far the highest maximum of the main hall, the whole space with red, gold, and grey tones, the image is divided into 3 parts: the middle of the hall behind the cross hall on both sides of the eighteen Buddhas, Luo Han, the Buddhist altar the goddess of mercy relief group. The lighting design of the difficulty of this project mainly includes the main hall, is a space span, there Huan door ornaments in front of the Buddha, the installation position of lamps limited. Two is the volume of the Great Buddha, high 16.7M, wide 6.6m. The furthest distance of the luminaire is more than 20m.

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